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We offer a full range of services: from initial consultation and development of a custom design project to comprehensive execution of renovation works, including selection of furniture, materials, and decorative elements.

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Prestige Renovation not only aims to execute your project within the given parameters but also to exceed your expectations at every stage of the process.

Our team of professionals is constantly seeking optimal solutions to create the perfect space that meets your desires and needs.

Our Work Phases:

Agreement on Construction Work List

At this stage, we discuss and define the full scope of upcoming work. This helps us understand your expectations and present you with the best solutions that match your desires and budget.

Space Measurement

We conduct a thorough measurement of your space for accurate planning and design development. This ensures that all work will be performed considering the unique features of the space.

Design Project Development (if not already present)

Based on measurements and your wishes, we create a unique design project that reflects your style and meets all functional requirements.

Engineering Project Development (if necessary)

To ensure safety and convenience, we develop all necessary engineering projects, including ventilation, power supply, and plumbing systems.

Estimation with a Schedule of Repair Works and Material Supply

We provide a detailed estimate with a clear schedule of all work stages and material deliveries, allowing you to monitor the process and budget.

Discussion and Adjustment of the Contract and Estimate

Before starting the work, we discuss all contract details and estimates with you, making necessary adjustments to fully meet your expectations.

Contract Conclusion

After approving all details and conditions, we sign a contract for construction and renovation work, ensuring full legal transparency and protection for both parties.

At Each Stage of the Renovation Work, We Ensure:

Strict Adherence to Established Deadlines

We strictly adhere to the work schedule to guarantee completion within the agreed timeframes. Regular progress reports will keep you informed about the current state of affairs.

Professional Authorial Supervision

Our approach to each project involves not only choosing the best materials and craftsmen but also continuous professional supervision over the quality of work. This ensures that the final result meets the highest standards and your personal preferences.

Full Coordination with Managing Structures

We handle all aspects of project coordination with managing companies and other regulatory bodies. This avoids any delays or obstacles in the implementation of your project.

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